Prince’s Birthday note

On a cold winter day,
God has sent an angel on earth for one person..


omg my cutie baby > – < *ok no.

Halo, hongie. Joshua Hong.

ini hari spesial huhu karena hong nya makin tua!

maaf, selanjutnya bakal pakai bahasa inggris aja ya, soalnya- canggung :c

hong hong, when the first time we met. and when the first time i said a ‘happy birthday’ to you, i never thought that you’d become an undetectable part of my life and make my life fully perfect. With you, I feel that I don’t  need anything to make my life happy. You are the one who fills the empty space of life.

if life were a puzzle, then i’ve just finished it when i found you- my missing piece.

I love you

i wish you the happiest birthday filled with smiles and laughs. because i love your smile. 

Even when that day will come and you wake up without me who is always rise your morning up, without our scent, without word called ‘we’, i just want to let you know that you’re loved. there’ll always someone who love you, because you’re precious. you’re a kind-hearted jisoo. So please don’t ever think that you’re alone -even when i’m not around-

And remember, i’ll always be by your side, so you don’t have to worry about anything. i’ll support you.

i love you

from the first time we met.

from the first time we fall thru small talks.

and you may already knew-

i’m so happy that i could greet you a ‘happy birthday’ as your girlfriend.

everything about you means a lot for me. and i turned into a selfish-annoying-girl. I’m sorry. I’ll do better.

my cutie boy hihi – i really want to call you like that but okay kkk-

now the angel turned into a wise, handsome, gentleman prince. and i never know that he’ll take a part in the half of my life.



i guess these are not your expected present. it’s okay. thats why i give your these stuffs. i want you always remember me, and i want you to know that i love you this much so i hope you’ll only look at me heheh, kind of scary, but i just can’t see you feeling ,more comfortable with others… i’m sorry (again). anyway, just enjoy the gifts, okay?

Happy Birthday
I love you so much

oh iya- seperti biasa, kyung lebih suka ungkapin perasaan lewat lagu lagu, jadi kyung harap lagu lagu yang pernah kyung kasih ke hong itu dimaknai(?) karena kalau kyung kasih lagu itu untuk seseorang berarti itu udah bukan sekedar lagu aja, tapi itu perwakilan dari apa yang kyung rasain,


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